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Board games, role-playing games, gaming, escape rooms, virtual reality stands... Discover all the activities of Made in Asia.

Face up to the challenge in the role-playing area!

Dive into new immersive experiences by testing role-playing games! Feel like playing some classics of the genre? Then go to the area of L’univers de Ronhin. You can play Pathfinder, Dragon Age, League Of Adventures… There’s plenty for everyone!

Personalize your stuff the manga way!

The Bruyere Custom stand offers you to customize anything and everything with the designs of your favorite manga heroes. A One Piece school bag, a Final Fantasy console controller or a pair of Fairy Tails sneakers, everything is possible for this artist. He invites you to try it during some initiation workshops and demos throughout the 3 days of the festival!

Come and discover the best board games of Asmodee!

Meet passionate animators on a space of +200m² and share intergenerational, quality moments! They will show you the best board games on the market! Receive exclusive goodies to complete your collections! Find classics such as Catan, Carcassonne, Pandemic… Have fun with Dobble, Jungle Speed, Harry Potter Stupefix, Time’s Up and many others!

The Gundam franchise well represented at the festival!

The Japanese franchise well known for its mangas, anime and scale models, Gundam, will be present for this edition. At the dedicated booth, you will be able to admire an exhibition of numerous miniatures, learn more about model making, participate in video game tournaments, dub the mythical scenes of the anime and much more!

Shine in your best cosplay on stage

Become your favorite character by participating in one of the contests. You can even qualify for international competitions with finals in Japan, France and Switzerland!

Try out Roller Soccer!

What happens when you take a football, some rollerblades, two goals and two motivated teams and mix it up? Roller Soccer! Two teams mounted on rollerblades try to score a goal by kicking the ball (or rather by rollerblading). A clever mix between two sports that you will be able to test during the entire festival on an indoor field.

Japanese calligraphy at your fingertips!

Come and discover the art of Japanese writing through an exhibition of traditional materials and a workshop open to all! Attend the demos and participate in the workshops to calligraph your name or create your own unique stamp. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the land of the rising sun!

Discover numerous fictional universes!

Discover the booth of les Saigneurs du Chaos. Don’t worry, because behind this name, you’ll find fans of thrills and chills. A tasty mix of role-playing and board games in which players embody characters in universes both rich and diversified, ranging from traditional medieval fantasy to cyberpunk.

Become the best retrogamer!

Knock out your enemies on Tekken 7 and Street Fighter, lead the race on OutRun, and show off your unbeatable timing on Dance Dance Revolution! You can also have fun on retro consoles playing a variety of games like Super Smash Bros Melee, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more!

Take a selfie at the Dragon Ball scenery!

Are you a fan of the Dragon Ball universe? And you always dreamed to meet your favorite heroes? The DBBT team offers you this opportunity in front of incredible settings inspired by the original anime. Meet the team composed of Muten Roshi, Bulma, Vegeta, Krilin and many others, throughout the weekend, who will be happy to immortalize your moment in a picture on their booth.

Will you answer the call of your subconscious?

In this edition, the practitioners of the Club BelHypnose return to take you on a journey through the extraordinary powers that your subconscious can offer you! Are you simply curious or an adventurer, fearless and wanting to try the experience? Come visit their booth or on stage to see their demos and why not, experience hypnosis for yourself!

Show your talent in the K-Pop dance contest!

You love to dance to the rhythm of your favorite K-Pop songs? Then take a chance and enter the contest. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, register now!

Come and meet other enthusiasts!

A booth dedicated to new encounters will be at your disposal during the entire festival! Participate in Speed Dating sessions, check your compatibility with other participants, come and exchange with new people. Take this opportunity to meet other enthusiasts and who knows…

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Meet the festival's guests!

Japanese artists, YouTubers, cosplayers, gamers and many others are waiting to meet you during these three days of fun!

Made in Asia guests

Made in Asia guests

Japanese guests, musicians, cosplayers, manga artists, and more!

YouPlay guests

YouPlay guests

YouTubers, gamers, streamers, and more!
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