Gaming activities Made in Asia Spring 2024

Scratch your gaming itch!

Arcade halls, retro consoles, gaming competitions, exclusive previews, you can find it all here. There’s plenty to do, so don’t hold back. 😉

Who will be the strongest on Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? Who will win the fiery races on Daytona, Gran Turismo or Need For Speed? Will you win the Dragon Ball Budokai, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and Yu Yu Hakusho games?

To find out, there is only one solution! So warm up your wrists, push up your shining glasses, get in your serious gamer position and… GO!

The Maze

Discover the Asile Obscura, a horrifying labyrinth where you must muster your courage to find the way out! As soon as you step through the door, the captivating Asian atmosphere engulfs you. Flickering lanterns illuminate dark corridors, where shadows dance to the rhythm of ghostly murmurs. The ancient asylum, steeped in Asian legends, reveals its secrets as you explore its dark corners. Suddenly, the director of the asylum, an enigmatic silhouette, emerges from the darkness. He seems to wander, seeking to communicate with the intrepid visitors. Unexpected apparitions and visions of the past add a mystical dimension to this immersive experience. With every step, you find yourself in the midst of strange medical experiments and forgotten tragedies. The tormented spirits of the asylum, inspired by Asian legends, seem to awaken, creating a symphony of fear as the troubled history of the place unfolds. Visitors feel the growing anguish through gripping paranormal manifestations, every dark corner harboring unexplained terrors. The director, lost between dimensions, seeks to share the sufferings of the past, transforming each visitor into a witness to his tragic fate. At its peak, the asylum itself seems to breathe, releasing mystical energies that transport visitors beyond reality. Shadows come to life, and every corner hides a new horror, revealing that the asylum itself is a conscious being, steeped in ancient Asian mysteries. Upon exiting the asylum, the experience persists, leaving behind an indelible imprint. Dive into “The Secrets of the Asylum” and explore a haunted place in Asian Lands, where the paranormal and legends blend to create a captivating and terrifying experience.

Concert of Japanese flute and koto

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Japanese flute (Shinobue) and the koto. These two iconic instruments from Japan have the power to take you on a journey with every note. It’s an auditory experience not to be missed on the Otaku Stage!

Shinobis Riders

Imagine a world where roller skating meets football… Well, this world exists! And this year, the Naruto team will face off against the Bleach team in crazy showdowns. You can even come and train and discover this unique sport.

Introduction to sword combat

Wielding your sword like Guts wields the Dragonslayer? Then, come and watch, and maybe even learn, lifelike sword fights while respecting the art of this discipline! Demonstration, initiation, the perfect place to learn more about weapon handling is at the Via Bruxellensis booth!

Quiz and mini-games

Do you know the Assassin’s Creed timeline like the back of your hand? If pop culture has no secrets for you or if you just want to have fun, come join quizzes and devilishly fun mini-games centered around your favorite universes at the “Kot du Grenier” booth.

Laser Game

Come face your friends in intense duels thanks to a labyrinthine laser game where each elimination counts to earn points!

Discover China and its culture through numerous activities!

Have a blast exploring Chinese culture in a playful way through various activities organized by the project house, the Kot-é-Chine. On the agenda: Mahjong, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese chess, the game of Go, and much more!

Tabletop role-playing games

Embark on an adventure by embodying the character you desire in escapades worthy of the greatest heroes. The limit? Your imagination! We’ll see you at Les Saigneurs du Chaos, Game Master Worlds, and l’Univers du Ronhin.

Game Terminal

Discover or rediscover the pleasure of playing old-school video games in a typical Japanese game center atmosphere! And as always at Made in Asia, all the gaming stations are freely accessible.

RC Drift demonstration

In this RC Drift demonstration, professionals will make their remote-controlled vehicles drift through circuits decorated in the style of your favorite manga. The cars will proudly display decors related to Asian pop culture and beyond.

Zelda Exhibition

These ocarina notes sound familiar to you? That’s normal! Link must surely be around. You’ll definitely find him at the Zelda Sanctuary: an exhibition entirely dedicated to the famous adventurer and ruby collector: Link! Will you be able to remove the legendary sword from its pedestal? Come try your luck at the Made in Asia festival

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