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Perso 2023 #3

3 + 4 + 5 March 2023

Brussels Expo

Opening hours : Friday from 12H to 20H Saturday from 10H to 19H Sunday from 10H to 18HBrussels Expo
Perso 2023 #1
Perso 2023 #2

The meeting place for fans of manga, anime, video games, YouTubers and cosplay

Embark on an adventure in the land of Asian pop culture and discover all the guests of the 2023 edition soon!

Made in Asia Guests

Made in Asia Guests

Japanese guests, musicians, cosplayers, manga artists, & more!

YouPlay guests

YouPlay guests

YouTubers, gamers, streamers, and more!


Come and have fun with your family and friends! Try out new activities, win challenges, share laughs and discover the latest in board games and gaming.

🎮 Get your gaming fix!

Who will be the strongest on Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? To find out, there is only one solution! So warm up your wrists, rub your glasses, settle in and …. GO!

📺 Dive into a universe full of your favourite manga et anime

We hear that Eren needs a little help beyond the walls. Join your companions and go on an adventure to help your favorite heroes!

🎭 Join the shows!

You’ll be the star of the day! But is this your final form? Show your creativity to the Made in Asia community! 😃
Perso 2023 #2

3 + 4 + 5 maart Brussels Expo

Perso 2023 #1

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