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Moertel Pixel Art

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Behind ‘Moertel’ is the Hamburg-based pixel artist Stefanie Fehling. Grown up during the 80s and 90s, she has been combining the nostalgia of 8-bit video games with our contemporary life since 2017. Lonely streets, bridges, and city lights are the recurring elements in her art, exploring the interplay of light and shadow, nature, and industry.

As a director, Stefanie has drawn and animated music videos for Alt-J (“Get Better” in 2021) and Turin Brakes (“Isolation” in 2022), and as a mobile developer she has adorned thousands of mobile phones with her hand drawn “Retro Mode” pixel art themes. In 2023, she finally traded her beloved IT career for the freedom of being an independent artist.

Stefanie will bring her famous animated wall prints, enamel pins and tons of retro goodies for you to browse and check out. Rumors say there’s an exclusive Brussels artwork.


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