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• We’re the Doragonkoi team, a group of artists working in the world of Manga, Anime and video games.
• Chacrispy, Yaya drawing, Ame Ginga and Black feather are at your service!

• We make original creations and fan art in the form of posters, cards, illustrations and goodie stickers.
• We also do traditional (on site at the festival) and digital Manga portraits. Come and order your Manga portrait as soon as you arrive.
**We’ll take a photo of you on the spot, or you can provide us with a photo of your family or friends, and we’ll take the portrait(s) for the duration of your tour of the festival! Come early, slots are quickly filled.
• We also take commissions! Don’t hesitate to ask us about this.
• Chacrispy also gives Manga drawing lessons in schools, media libraries, cultural centres and at home in France.
• Ame Ginga’s 1st manga, Castle Side, will be published by Silenium in early 2024.

Come along to our stand, we look forward to meeting you and chatting!



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