AdornedHorns & Atelier.28195

AdornedHorns & Atelier.28195

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AdornedHorns by PlantyWes creates beautifully crafted goods for the high fantasy lovers.
Dices, stickers, pins, everything witchy and magical.
Inspiered by Fantasy Roleplay and Nature, he crafts his own jewelry and creates enamel pins for you to wear your fantasy in reality.
He assembles aesthetic dice sets and magic potions , and sassy stickers to go along with

Atelier 28195 is a team of two, one a fashion Designer and one an illustrator, creating apparel, focusing on design aesthetic, sustainability and uniqueness and Artprints. They produce local, hand dye and screenprint, bleach and add details to make every garment a one of a kind piece.
They make patches and accessoires for you to turn your own clothes into stand out pieces.
They are inspired by sub- and popcultures aswell as nature and fuse their aesthetics in stand out fashion.
Their latest project is inspired by dystopian works of fiction, Zombies and the role of fashion in a world that falls apart.
Alongside with clothes and accessoires they also come with art prints made by illustrator Sakimake, focusing on botanical illustration and the circle of life and death, fragility and finding strength.
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